Think Insurtech and Signaturit launch partnership to facilitate the digitization of insurance application forms

Think Insurtech and Signaturit launch partnership to facilitate the digitization of insurance application forms.

Think Insurtech is a SaaS platform for managing the health insurance supply chain to increase productivity and secure the value of insurance portfolios. With the electronic signature start-up Signaturit, they decided to support insurers and providers in their digitalization.

Think Insurtech has recently developed an offer to encourage the 37 insurers it works with to digitize and sign their online application forms. This will enable them to automatically collect the data on the forms and include them in their CRM, thus avoiding re-entry. 

It is in this context that the partnership with the start-up company Signaturit was concluded. Think Insurtech will ensure the technical development and integration of their electronic signature solution for insurers wishing to subscribe. This partnership is in line with Think Insurtech's logic of making health insurers' administrative processes more agile. Indeed, the electronic signature allows us to accelerate the previously time-consuming processes, to obtain a better conversion rate and to gain efficiency. All this with a high level of legal coverage.

Thanks to Signaturit's biometric technology, customers simply fill out and sign their application form by tracing their signature on a PC, tablet or mobile device, without having to obtain an electronic signature certificate beforehand. It is an advanced level electronic signature, allowing the identification of the signatory. Signaturit honors the RGPD, i.e. all obligations under its responsibility, whether before its customers as a processor, or concerning the processing of personal data.

A validation of the identity of the signatory can be carried out beforehand. For this purpose, the customer uploads a photo of his identity card or passport, and Signaturit's electronic identification technology takes care of authenticating the identity document. 

Signaturit's technology can be easily integrated into the Think Insurtech platform via API.

"The challenge is to provide the end customer with a better experience because the application forms are too complicated to complete and their support is a frequent source of error. Finally, the broker increases his productivity and therefore his ROI to focus on the customer relationship. "says Olivier Faouder, co-founder of Think Insurtech.

About Signaturit


Signaturit is a Qualified Trust Service Provider that offers innovative cloud-based solutions in the field of  Electronic Signatures (eSignatures), Certified Registered Delivery (eDelivery) and Electronic Identification  (eID) to digitise any transaction between companies and individuals, securely and with full legal  compliance. Founded in 2013, the company serves over 2,600 customers in more than 40 countries, such as AXA, Manpower, Volkswagen, Sabadell, etc. Signaturit’s Trust Services optimise the signature  process enabling customers to reduce paper consumption, improve their billing and hiring processes and  provide their teams with a tool that helps them to streamline their administrative tasks related to document signing. In providing all these services, Signaturit strictly complies with current, relevant European legislation - (EU) Regulation No. 910/2014 - as well as with the laws of the United States that regulate this type of electronic services - eSIGN Act and UETA.

About Think Insurtech 


Think Insurtech (LF Finance SAS a part of AOC Insurance Broker group) is a software publisher specialized in PMI & IPMI with a SaaS Platform to manage A to Z the distribution of medical insurance (Individual/families - Corporate - Community module -Compliance - Travel Insurance API) in a global and connected environment. We offer a comprehensive approach and process in working with clients to place both international and domestic healthcare cover including group life and protection income