An interview with Rémi Villiers-Moriamé, CEO of the Paris-based Regtech INSquary

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Question: Can you present INSquary to us in a few words?

Rémi Villiers-Moriamé: INSquary is a “Regtech” which was founded less than three years ago. We
started from the observation that the proliferation of regulations had become a real headache for
insurers, wholesalers and intermediaries. In addition to regulations specific to the insurance sector
(Solvency II, IDD, etc.) or the financial sector as a whole (AML, etc.) there is a multitude of cross-
cutting regulations (GDPR, etc.). The mere knowledge of all these obligations has become very
difficult for companies of all sizes, especially for small intermediaries. Then you have to apply them,
and be able to justify it. All of this can quickly become very time consuming. All the same, a
constructive approach is to consider that the respect of the regulations provides an added value that
is very visible for all stakeholders, starting with customers.

Q: So, in this context, what do you propose?

RVM: Our platform is very easy to use. It allows intermediaries to fill out a virtual compliance binder,
and insurers to read it, in complete confidentiality. If the intermediary is not compliant, the system
proposes an action plan. For its part, the insurer has the choice of the questions to be asked in the
context of "compliance campaigns", that are duly monitored and traceable.

Q: What is your regulatory framework?

RVM: We started with European texts, since regulations tend to harmonize within the EU. We have
this regulatory base from which we built a "global" questionnaire of some 60 questions. It is a good
basis that allows a broker to self-assess its compliance, regardless of its location, in Europe or
elsewhere. Then we are gradually adapting it to each of the national regulations, which may on
certain subjects be more demanding than European standards. The platform is available in several
languages. It is aimed at helping cross-borders insurers at monitoring in a simple way the compliance
of their global networks.

Q: You recently announced a partnership with Think Insurtech?

RVM: Besides our common conviction that innovation is key for staying ahead in the insurance
sector, we share very similar views on the evolution of the insurance market, particularly regarding
health and employee benefits products. The consumers as well as the professionals are more and
more aware of the globalization of the market, which is accelerated by two factors: the
uniformization of the regulations and the dematerialization of the subscription and payments

Q: What are your perspectives?

RVM: We carry on our development through Europe, without excluding other areas, as European
standards provide a very significant landmark for every professional of the sector.